Reminiscing grade school and high school days, an e-journal…

I remember being a diligent student when I was in elementary during the 80’s and 90’s. When I was in grade 1-4, I would recall being included in the section A of the class which means that they are the smartest bunch, I guess. Although the star section were in the afternoon class session.

what I remembered during my grade school years was that it was a traditional, assignments, quizzes, and exams were given. A lot were vying for the honor roll of course because when you’re young there’s a certain prestige of being in the top of class. Sadly, I was not included in the top.

Grade 5 to 6, I transferred to another school and the same process was applied, we are graded based on our output from the requirements given. I also noticed that teachers were fond of recitations to assess if we really understand our lesson.

We also had practical exams, demo, projects like (tie-dye shirts, book binding, silk screen shirts) and whatever we produced will determine our grade at that time.

I also joined book lovers club because I loved reading at that time.

There was also a criteria/passing grade that needed to be met so that we can earn a “star” in our quizzes.

By the time high school came, our studying habits became more rigorous. It was still the same like there were quizzes, recitations, experiments but what added to the list was the journal for our Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo Class.

That paved the way for us to analyze things and incorporate the pass from present situations.

I realized that our training from grade 6 to high school was very useful in preparing for our college life.

The essays that we needed to do in our Filipino and English class in high school helped me to think creatively and crtitically.

I would say that my teachers teaching method to do traditional assessment, formal and alternative assessments were effective in honing our skills.


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