Do I want being assessed?

This is the question for our e journal this week and I guess all of us wants to be assessed. A need to be assessed means that I want to improve on my craft and skills. It’s a never ending process and one way or another through life, work, even right now in our course, we are being assessed.

As much as we don’t want to admit it, every action that we do has a corresponding grade, me, personally, in work, I know that I’m doing my best but since there are many room for errors and improvement, sometimes this reflects how well I do in a specific task. Thus, a feedback is given: whether it is a compliment or a little scolding but nevertheless like assessment on a teacher to a student, you work hard for it, you get motivated, and you learn…

Most of the time misalignment happens when when you don’t know the purpose of your assessment, what should be my goal, our goal in the assessment that will be done. If it needs to uphold the mission, vision, objective of any organization which is for the betterment of the company so on and so fort, then yes, we must develop a need for assessment.


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