Personal Preferences

\Back in elementary and highschool, I would prepare for test by memorizing our lessons and the keyword. It was a technique that worked for me because we are given Matching type, multiple choice, fill in he blanks test.

It may be quite taxing to memorize a lot of terms but I guess we have been familiar with these kinds of traditional test method that was given to us.

What stresses me out were the recitations especially in Math because I did not know how to solve word problems. While writing this, I realized that I’m more inclined with English especially essays and I love answering questions because I can express myself freely.

Aside from Math, I’m nit given in the art department, I can’t draw a decent picture. However, if there were any art project that needs egg shells on, carbon paper, leaves, I can do well on those art works but drawing, not really.

Now that I tutor my nephew on weekends, it’ mostly informal assessment that I applied. I usually read his notes from all of his subjects. The  will ask him one by one about the topic and ask questions. This will allow me to check if he remembers the lessons. I give him feedback by adding information about the topi so it would not be all memorizations. Formal assessments are applied through small exercises so that he can be familiar on how to use them when he has tests.

If I’ll be given a chance to pass the LET exam later on, I believe that I’ll formal and informal assessments. It’s reliable and at the same time. Practical examinations though I’ve dreaded n the past is one of the useful methods in testing one’s skill.

Studying assessments have made me aware of its benefits. I may not have really paid attention to it it before but it helps to be attentive with what you are going to test your students or to my nephew.


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