3rd Type of Classroom Assessment (Traditional and Authentic Assessment)

During my elementary and highschool years, my teachers were fond of giving examinations that tests our knowledge and skills. Teachers tend to give traditional forms of assessment such as Multiple Choice, Fill-in-the-blanks, True or False, and Matching Type. In this kind of tests, I made sure that I understood my lessons. I usually prepare for my exam by memorizing terms and their definitions. According to Jon Mueller, school administers these kind of examinations to determine if the students have understood the lessons. For traditional assessment, the driving force in this model is the curriculum. It is where the body of knowledge is form so that teacher and students will base their assessment from.

On the other hand, Alternative Assessment enables the students to perform task, activities that will determine what kind of curriculum will be suitable for all students. Mueller’s stated that authentic assessment drives the curriculum.

These two types of assessment comes hand in hand for the teacher because in answering Math questions in a multiple choice format, we can derive the answer by solving it first manually. In real life situations, we may use Traditional and Authentic Assessment in getting a driver’s license. I took an exam first before getting a driver’s license, I have yet to apply for a driving lessons in A1 Driving school.

When teachers see that students may have the capabilities to answer the test questions, the students should be able to perform meaningful tasks as well. Both Traditional and Authentic Assessment’s main goal is to establish productive and efficient students.

Like me who grew up mainly absorbed in just studying hard for exams to get a high grade, it was rather hard for me to do practical exams. I remember that when answering Math questions, I immediately become nervous and anxious for the fear of not answering it correctly.

In real life situations, I would say that tests are only confined in applying for jobs. What will measure me as an individual is the interview part wherein I will be asked to write a script, edit a video and so on and so forth.

But in all aspects, may it be in school or work, there should be balance because traditional assessments complements authentic assessments.


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