How meaningful have scores been?

That question struck me? Grades have been part of my life and I must admit that whenever I get a low grade or did not pass an exam, that hit me hard. I know I’m not really “smart” smart, but I study really hard and I word really hard to get good grades. They say that age or grade is just a number but numbers can really affect you in some ways.

Like for example, when I took Quiz # 1 and 2, I felt sad that I got a few low grades before getting high score. I guess, on my end, hindi ko pa talaga lubos na ina-absorb yung mga terms/definitions ng assessment. It can be pretty confusing.

But grades are does not really define your whole being. They are motivating factors to keep you going and improve your studying habits.

They’re like feedback but in number forms only. And it’s up to you on how you going to pick up yourself from your high and low scores, you either improve or just leave it as it is. YOU CHOOSE…


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