Self-Assessment on our group assignment

What lessons did I learn from Assignment 2?

How would I like to have a similar experience in the future?
     Will I want to do this again?  
     Shall I do something like it in a class that I (shall) teach?

The self and peer assessment wherein you need to collaborate with a group was an eye-opening experience. I’ve always participated in a lot of activities whether in school or in work. It was quite easier for me to grasp the whole instruction because I can easily ask them if I did not understand the whole procedure. But doing the self and peer assessment online, I kind of felt uneasy at first because I was kind of studying Module 4 and still contemplating on my grade in Quiz 2 when it was announced that there will be an assignment wherein we will collaborate with a group.

I kind of felt at lost because I can’t easily understand the instruction. And somehow when we were doing the rubrics and assessment, as much as I want to sound intelligent enough with my contributions, it somehow fell short even though I know that maybe my contributions in our assignment 2 were useful.

Somehow it made me realize that if I did not understand something, I should ask right away. Though my group mates were very nice to answer my queries and they did  appreciate my efforts in the activity. Parang I feel like I could have stepped up to my game pero I don’t know, ang galing ng construction ng rubrics and how everything was well-thought.

I guess, if it was an individual activity, probably there was a chance that I could improve more because madidiskartehan ko siya ng maige, mapag iisipan ko siya ng mabuti. I can only do so much, I do my assignments in the office if I have the time because our internet connection in our house sucks big time. So the time that I exerted for the assignment was about giving suggestions on what could be the rubric and some true or false questions.

But I’m happy with my group. They were really smart and i learned from them and yes, this activity has made me understand more about rubrics, grading system and yes I will apply it in my class.

So, yeah, I enjoyed the experience of having an assignment collaborating with my online classmates 🙂


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