Reflections on Quiz 1

I have always done fairly in my examinations and quizzes. Ever since I could remember, I would spend sleepless nights reviewing for a finals or short quizzes. However, years of working seemed to have rusted my brain. I thought Quiz 1 will be easy but the two attempts with a message that I should try a little harder proved that I need to really understand Assessment and its purpose.

After reading Module 1 readings, my third attempt for Quiz 1 was successful but it somehow felt not good because I knew that I could have done my best the first time I took the test.

The unlimited attempts proved be useful because it sharpens your mind, you get to really study the question and then you realize your error.

I guess as a student though I can understand the instruction perfectly fine, there will still be moments that i will make “kulit” and ask clarifications and directions about activities because I want to be able to do it correctly.

However with short quizzes, demonstrations, examinations, little additional information is given because it’s already stated there.

But the whole experience of answering quiz 1 and 2 were a very humbling experience for me. As an online student, i have to literally juggle my time as a mom, career woman and a student, so my studying in Open University does not come cheap either so I have to study hard and do my activities. But learning is fun and enriching.


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