Journey towards to being an effective teacher

Now that I’m getting nearer in my dream of being a teacher, I get a little bit scared because aside from the board exam that we all have to take, I ask myself if I have what it takes to be a teacher.

Looking at it, the wisdom and knowledge that these kids will know will come from me?! Now that I try to recollect my schooling years, from what I can remember, they will give out the assignments, examinations, my classmates and I will answer it, and that’s it, we will have grades and feedbacks on how we can further improve our studying habits.

Reading the module on how to become and effective teacher made me realize that teaching takes a lot of hard work. Before we I can teach students, I have to teach myself first. First, be equipped with knowledge about my subject. Second, I have to familiarize myself with different methods on how to teach the subjects, prepare lesson plan and activities that will engage students. Third, I have to assess my students, give them constructive feedbacks. Fourth, my self-reflection towards my teaching habits. I have to make sure that not only students will learn of the basic facts but they will be able to use it outside the classroom.

Teaching may be tedious yet it is a very rewarding job. I know that in time, practice and teaching, if not expert, i will become an efficient teacher.

Cheers to all the teachers!


Module 3.1 Behaviorism

To achieve one’s desired outcome, there should be a reinforcement that would motivate the person in achieving whatever outcome it wishes to be. We, human being usually act upon on positive and negative reinforcement in facilitating our actions. Learning process defined behaviorism as having a particular form of behavior reinforced by someone, other than the student to shape or control what is learned. With our day to day activities, environment or observable factors.

Behaviorism is composed or act upon on:

Classical conditioning according to Learning Theories, Models, and Methods by M.E. Sanseverino is when we make associations with stimuli. An example of this is the experiment of Ivan Pavlov wherein he demonstrated the reaction of dog salivating at the sound of the bell with no food in it.

Operant conditioning-this was theorized by B.F. skinner and defined it as behavior corresponding to consequence. This is where we place rewards or punishment in everything we do or how we would like other people to respond to our needs.

The Law of Effect by Edward Thorndike is also related to behaviorism. It is when we make stop our habits when we discover the negative effects or we gain indesirable outcomes. When we encounter a delightful experience or a enjoyble experience from a new habit, then we continue to do it. Like me, I always eat at this great restaurant because the food is delicious and ambience is very welcoming. I have a certain aversion for disturbing movies because it somehow affects my subconscious that i cannot sleep well afterwards. so i stopped watching these kind of movies.

I see now the effect of having certain behaviors in my 9 year old nephew and 2 year old son. In my son’s case since he’s now at the terrible two age, it’s hard sometimes not to give in to his needs so that he can settle down. Like when we would like to feed him meals which sometimes he refuses because he wants to watch t.v., we would use “reward” system like telling him that we’d go to Mcdonalds or Jollibee for his favorite sundae or fries.

Elih, on the other hand is quite hard to make bola at him since he knows that we’re bluffing sometimes but it happened when he got low grades because of too much gadgets, that’s when I gave him the ultimatum. His favorite toy is lego and I told him that i’d let him use the iPAD and will give him a lego toy every quarter if his grades are 85 % above. so far, he’s keeping us to his grades. And I keeping up my own prmise to him which makes me a few hundreds poorer. In my studies right now, yes they are times that I tend to procrastinate and it can be difficult sometimes to juggle work, mommy duties, and studying but I always say to myself that if I accomplish all these three, then everything will just go hand in hand and there’s more growth on my end, I continuously learn from my studies and experiences as a mom.

The reward that I would get from for example finishing my readings/assignment would be another quality time with my family or advance reading time for another subject. With my job, I just have to be meticulous with work because one error can make a huge difference and would grant me a memo.

Having a disciplined behavior corresponds to a flourishing rewards of many qaulity time for me since my hards are full practically everyday from office, here in my house, and online studies. So when I get the time, I make it a point to finish something.


On teacher’s professionalism

As what I have mentioned earlier in the discussion 1 for the teachers professionalism, I was quite shocked to discover the teaching and nursing were categorized as quasi-profession or semi-profession. I’ve always considered them as a profession itself because one must take a board exam for them to become a licensed teacher and nurse.

Yes, I know that nurses are paid less than the doctors and even the teachers are not compensated much but to place them as a significant worker, it was somehow a bit distressing.

Teachers play a significant role in helping us learn. However, with the many developments that teachers have undertaken if we are going to base on their journey towards career development, I believe that teachers do sacrifice a lot.

Being a non-teacher, the topic for the discussion 2 which was what really makes up a teacher taught me that one does not only possess the knowledge or skill for for teaching but to continuously aim for self-improvement as well. Climbing up the ladder of success for teachers may seem far from reach now, but that doesn’t mean that you will just teach on what is under the curriculum. I’ve learn that for a teacher to be more effective, one must look for ways and method to enrich students’ learning.

I’m quite scared on where my future will be if I finish this course. Yes, I may have to review for the LET exam, but I have to also practice what I’ve learned in order for me to assume the role of a teacher.

I guess I will have to stick with tutoring for a while.

LEARNING style that works for me.

While reading the module, there were a lot of “AHA!” moments.I’m beginning to enjoy the class and the reading materials because it enables me to understand why I’m like this when I’m studying or why my development or learning of skills may be fast or slow.

I particularly enjoyed reading the Dunn and Dunn Learning style model. Everything was so spot on especially in my studying habits wherein I would take notes while reading. I would also use highlighter to highlight the main idea.

Being an old school, where I prefer books over internet reading materials, I can easily relate to the topic.

I know that going paperless is not possible for me at the moment because I prefer to scan and highlight everything.

I can make a journal after finishing an activity for the course because the topic is still fresh.

Being a tutor, it sometimes hard for me to teach my nephew because I have to adjust to his preference as well. His schedule in school can be quite hectic with the school hours ending in the afternoon, so for sure his brain cells are drained so even if I’m tired from work, I will have to wait for him before we could review or do the projects.

Perspective and Style

As I go through the notions of being an online student again can be quite stressful yet rewarding. You always look forward to another new learning.

In our topic today which was the Perspective and Styles of teaching, the results were somehow true about my personality. I have a strong personality and can be quite strict and a little bit organized basing it from my results from the test which were:  Transmission, Apprenticeship and  Development Perspective and EXPERT/PERSONAL MODEL/FORMAL AUTHORITY.I make it a point that whatever I teach, that will be absorbed or learned by my nephew or trainee (in work). I also need to see how things are done first before I could proceed with my own task. There are times that I have to look ask directions and so far, I learn easily.

Looking at it, I would also like to incorporate different styles and perspective because I know that not all students are the same and of course, I have to consider their welfare. If there’s only thing that I have to secure, is that I was able to teach them well and assure that they will learn from what I taught them.

My personality from Personality tests.

Time to Reflect
Include your reflections on this module in your first eJournal entry.
What do the results of the tests say about you as a learner?
What aspects of studying and learning do you find yourself lacking?
Are you willing to make changes on how you study? How can you further enhance your skills in
studying and learning?

I love answering personality tests, I get to know the real me by answering questions especially those of situations polls.

I was not surprised with the results of my survey, questionnaire. It was right on track with how I have always managed my time. Just right. I’ve always been the type to finish my tasks on or before the deadline, even if I procrastinate(most of the time), I always make sure that I get to submit everything right on the dot to minimize stress. I guess it was the training that we got in college where reports, projects are usually required to pass enabling us to check on time every time.

I also love taking notes, I’d remember even if I have an assignment, I would still take notes from our lecturer.

Now that I’m working full time, I get to study and answer in between break time. I still prefer though having modules in paper form where I could lift it page per page. I get to understand the topic more because I can highlight it, the main idea and all.

And besides it’s just so hard to study nowadays using the internet because the wifi is so slow in our house. Plus there’s my two year old son who loves playing with me instead of sleeping early.

Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to this course because looking at the modules, the topics are interesting 🙂

Yes, I’m looking at all possibilities on how to submit the requirements, read the topics while juggling it with work and motherly duties. I tend to pretty work fast so I guess any place like in my house or office, there will be enough work to be done (both in my studies and job).