My personality from Personality tests.

Time to Reflect
Include your reflections on this module in your first eJournal entry.
What do the results of the tests say about you as a learner?
What aspects of studying and learning do you find yourself lacking?
Are you willing to make changes on how you study? How can you further enhance your skills in
studying and learning?

I love answering personality tests, I get to know the real me by answering questions especially those of situations polls.

I was not surprised with the results of my survey, questionnaire. It was right on track with how I have always managed my time. Just right. I’ve always been the type to finish my tasks on or before the deadline, even if I procrastinate(most of the time), I always make sure that I get to submit everything right on the dot to minimize stress. I guess it was the training that we got in college where reports, projects are usually required to pass enabling us to check on time every time.

I also love taking notes, I’d remember even if I have an assignment, I would still take notes from our lecturer.

Now that I’m working full time, I get to study and answer in between break time. I still prefer though having modules in paper form where I could lift it page per page. I get to understand the topic more because I can highlight it, the main idea and all.

And besides it’s just so hard to study nowadays using the internet because the wifi is so slow in our house. Plus there’s my two year old son who loves playing with me instead of sleeping early.

Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to this course because looking at the modules, the topics are interesting 🙂

Yes, I’m looking at all possibilities on how to submit the requirements, read the topics while juggling it with work and motherly duties. I tend to pretty work fast so I guess any place like in my house or office, there will be enough work to be done (both in my studies and job).


2 thoughts on “My personality from Personality tests.

  1. Hi! Reading your post, and getting to know you are a mom, I realized that I shouldn’t complain that much about my work-study-life balance. Good luck and looking forward to happy learning with us in class! 🙂


  2. hi!

    thank you for your kind comment. Yup, if your hands are not that full, well, then lucky you! however, it’s nice that something like our online studies can be a major jolt in our busy lifestyle. it makes us think, we learn a lot of new information and helps us to become more responsible.

    I would love to share ideas with you and the rest of the online gang as well.

    god bless 🙂


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