LEARNING style that works for me.

While reading the module, there were a lot of “AHA!” moments.I’m beginning to enjoy the class and the reading materials because it enables me to understand why I’m like this when I’m studying or why my development or learning of skills may be fast or slow.

I particularly enjoyed reading the Dunn and Dunn Learning style model. Everything was so spot on especially in my studying habits wherein I would take notes while reading. I would also use highlighter to highlight the main idea.

Being an old school, where I prefer books over internet reading materials, I can easily relate to the topic.

I know that going paperless is not possible for me at the moment because I prefer to scan and highlight everything.

I can make a journal after finishing an activity for the course because the topic is still fresh.

Being a tutor, it sometimes hard for me to teach my nephew because I have to adjust to his preference as well. His schedule in school can be quite hectic with the school hours ending in the afternoon, so for sure his brain cells are drained so even if I’m tired from work, I will have to wait for him before we could review or do the projects.


One thought on “LEARNING style that works for me.

  1. Hi classmate,
    I share your sentiments. I also oddly get a sense of comfort turning actual physical pages over digital ones.
    And teachers, we cannot impose our own learning style to our students. Though it is a popular practice among good students to adjust to their teacher’s style, I think it should be a reciprocal process.


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