On teacher’s professionalism

As what I have mentioned earlier in the discussion 1 for the teachers professionalism, I was quite shocked to discover the teaching and nursing were categorized as quasi-profession or semi-profession. I’ve always considered them as a profession itself because one must take a board exam for them to become a licensed teacher and nurse.

Yes, I know that nurses are paid less than the doctors and even the teachers are not compensated much but to place them as a significant worker, it was somehow a bit distressing.

Teachers play a significant role in helping us learn. However, with the many developments that teachers have undertaken if we are going to base on their journey towards career development, I believe that teachers do sacrifice a lot.

Being a non-teacher, the topic for the discussion 2 which was what really makes up a teacher taught me that one does not only possess the knowledge or skill for for teaching but to continuously aim for self-improvement as well. Climbing up the ladder of success for teachers may seem far from reach now, but that doesn’t mean that you will just teach on what is under the curriculum. I’ve learn that for a teacher to be more effective, one must look for ways and method to enrich students’ learning.

I’m quite scared on where my future will be if I finish this course. Yes, I may have to review for the LET exam, but I have to also practice what I’ve learned in order for me to assume the role of a teacher.

I guess I will have to stick with tutoring for a while.


One thought on “On teacher’s professionalism

  1. Good day, Giselle!
    To become a licensed teacher is one of our dream. That’s is the reason why we are taking up PTC. We want to improve ourselves as a teacher and we are doing the best we can to fit in our society as a professional teacher yet most of us are not valued because of political issues in our country.


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