Journey towards to being an effective teacher

Now that I’m getting nearer in my dream of being a teacher, I get a little bit scared because aside from the board exam that we all have to take, I ask myself if I have what it takes to be a teacher.

Looking at it, the wisdom and knowledge that these kids will know will come from me?! Now that I try to recollect my schooling years, from what I can remember, they will give out the assignments, examinations, my classmates and I will answer it, and that’s it, we will have grades and feedbacks on how we can further improve our studying habits.

Reading the module on how to become and effective teacher made me realize that teaching takes a lot of hard work. Before we I can teach students, I have to teach myself first. First, be equipped with knowledge about my subject. Second, I have to familiarize myself with different methods on how to teach the subjects, prepare lesson plan and activities that will engage students. Third, I have to assess my students, give them constructive feedbacks. Fourth, my self-reflection towards my teaching habits. I have to make sure that not only students will learn of the basic facts but they will be able to use it outside the classroom.

Teaching may be tedious yet it is a very rewarding job. I know that in time, practice and teaching, if not expert, i will become an efficient teacher.

Cheers to all the teachers!


3 thoughts on “Journey towards to being an effective teacher

  1. Hi Giselle, for people like us who are inexperienced when it comes to teaching, I can understand your fears and hesitations because they are exactly how I feel 🙂 The good thing is slowly, we are taking necessary steps to be equipped and ready. I like the way you summarized the module starting with the necessary knowledge, followed by using methods and strategies, assessing students and lastly with self reflection. Let’s be inspired and continue our journey towards new learning:)


  2. Hi! I appreciate the step-by-step approach you made. Special note to the self-reflection; it is truly of importance especially if we want to improve our teaching. By being aware of the several bases and how we can maximize the knowledge we have, we definitely can achieve our dreams. Glad you have the passion for teaching! 🙂


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