As a student, it was easier for me to manage my studies through by reading and re-reading my material first. The information was much easier to grasp because I get to absorb every meaning of the word text. Methods like application wherein applying relevance to your new learning makes new concept much simpler to assess.

I also use motivation until now as a tool in accomplishing any requirement. Especially now that it’s my second trimester in UPOU as PTC student, every time counts. It’s hard to juggle work, studies, mommy duties so I have to stay focused and determined to finish every assigned task because at the end of the day ┬áboth submitted work and assignment makes my load much lighter.

Memorization did work its wonders for me way back in school but now that I’m working its the application of the skills is much needed rather your knowledge.

But now, all the things that I’m learning here is much more useful because I can apply the concepts when I’m tutoring my nephew. I can give him ways on how to specifically arranged all types of information that he is receiving. So far, it’s been smooth-sailing and I hope to apply more information-processing skills on him since he can be hyper-active sometimes.


Teaching Skills learned in Module 3b

The different reading materials that I’ve read the past week pertaining to teaching skills were very valuable in helping me understand the factors that I need to practice in order to be an effective teacher.

For someone who has experience to be a student for the longest time, it only occurred to me now that teaching is not mainly confined in delivering the lessons, but the details “behind” the lesson delivery. The careful planning that goes with the lesson plan, activities. The way a classroom should be always neat and orderly so that students can study well with no any distractions. The teacher’s creative ways on how to lift its students up even studies may be boring or taxing with so many activities. to maintain the camaraderie between teacher and the students despite difference of students in terms of nationality, beliefs, and even personalities. These are some of that teachers need to consider in order to have a well-managed class.

It’s not an easy task, teaching was never an easy task to begin with but it’s the challenge of keeping everything in place that makes this job worthwhile.

As a non-teacher yet, it’s a good source of information for me as well since I tutor my nephew. It provides me great tips on how I can handle his assignments, his learning, enabling me to make a checklist on what to review, what the next lesson should be. My nephew can be very “makulit” and not focused sometimes, and as a tutor, it is still my responsibility to teach him, to make it sure that we still accomplish his requirements, that is why I make a few modifications like having a 15-minute break so he can rest or play and then after that, it’s back to business. I also apply the rewards process wherein I let him watch a movie before sleeping or he’ll play his Lego. This at least keeps him motivated.

These tips about teaching skills is very vital now that we are almost near in reaching our dream. i hope in time, with more practice, training, I can really excel in doing this.

My models and mentors in my life.

My Models and Mentors

Role Models and Mentors

Their Contributions

1. My mom, Gloria My mom has always been hands-on in providing us the best care in life. We may not be rich but she instilled us the value of hard work and most of all, the value of “pag-iipon”.
2. My dad, Alfredo He instilled in me and my brother the value of discipline. The not only in work and studies that we should work hard but also in maintaining our home so that if we have the chance to live in abroad, we can be independent.
3. My lola, Dolores She taught me how to be prayerful. I admire her unconditional love for me and my family.
4. My aunt, Ate Susan A very reliable person.
5. My brother, Toffie While working with him in ABS-CBN, he taught me that we should be professional in work despite the ups and downs of the industry.

The Type of Role Model I Want to Be for My Students

I want to project a sense of professionalism among my students. I want them to learn that work may not be a bed of roses but we should not give up but instead strive to work harder and give our best. I’d like them to see me as a nurturing yet a firm person.

I’d like to share with them the value of punctuality every task, that it should be done before the assigned deadline. Though, I can be still considerate about it because I’ve been a student once.

I’d like to inspire my students by seeing me as someone who have goals and is motivated to achieve it. Though not only goal-oriented but also a person who can balance activities like a being a mom, career woman, and a tutor (for now).

How I Will Incorporate Models and Mentors in My Classroom?

Handling a class will be difficult, that’s for sure but informing my class about my objectives and rules will somehow instill discipline in them.

“Walk the talk”, that is what I intend them to see in my teaching. I have to re-evaluate myself and check my negative traits and pray to God that it will not show especially if I get to impatient with my students. I hope to practice genuine concern for students by being there for them when they ask about the their assignments, lessons. Showing them pleasant behavior will give them a positive vibe and make learning an enjoyable experience.

Who Will Be My Education Mentor? What Would My Ideal Education Mentor Be Like?

I admire the preschool/kinder teachers out there. It takes a lot of patience, skills, creativity to handle children. I mean, how do they do that? Well, it’s their love and passion for the teaching and kids that keeps them going. And I hope that I will be able to be like these teachers, patient, kind, caring, firm.