As a student, it was easier for me to manage my studies through by reading and re-reading my material first. The information was much easier to grasp because I get to absorb every meaning of the word text. Methods like application wherein applying relevance to your new learning makes new concept much simpler to assess.

I also use motivation until now as a tool in accomplishing any requirement. Especially now that it’s my second trimester in UPOU as PTC student, every time counts. It’s hard to juggle work, studies, mommy duties so I have to stay focused and determined to finish every assigned task because at the end of the day  both submitted work and assignment makes my load much lighter.

Memorization did work its wonders for me way back in school but now that I’m working its the application of the skills is much needed rather your knowledge.

But now, all the things that I’m learning here is much more useful because I can apply the concepts when I’m tutoring my nephew. I can give him ways on how to specifically arranged all types of information that he is receiving. So far, it’s been smooth-sailing and I hope to apply more information-processing skills on him since he can be hyper-active sometimes.


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