Teaching Skills learned in Module 3b

The different reading materials that I’ve read the past week pertaining to teaching skills were very valuable in helping me understand the factors that I need to practice in order to be an effective teacher.

For someone who has experience to be a student for the longest time, it only occurred to me now that teaching is not mainly confined in delivering the lessons, but the details “behind” the lesson delivery. The careful planning that goes with the lesson plan, activities. The way a classroom should be always neat and orderly so that students can study well with no any distractions. The teacher’s creative ways on how to lift its students up even studies may be boring or taxing with so many activities. to maintain the camaraderie between teacher and the students despite difference of students in terms of nationality, beliefs, and even personalities. These are some of that teachers need to consider in order to have a well-managed class.

It’s not an easy task, teaching was never an easy task to begin with but it’s the challenge of keeping everything in place that makes this job worthwhile.

As a non-teacher yet, it’s a good source of information for me as well since I tutor my nephew. It provides me great tips on how I can handle his assignments, his learning, enabling me to make a checklist on what to review, what the next lesson should be. My nephew can be very “makulit” and not focused sometimes, and as a tutor, it is still my responsibility to teach him, to make it sure that we still accomplish his requirements, that is why I make a few modifications like having a 15-minute break so he can rest or play and then after that, it’s back to business. I also apply the rewards process wherein I let him watch a movie before sleeping or he’ll play his Lego. This at least keeps him motivated.

These tips about teaching skills is very vital now that we are almost near in reaching our dream. i hope in time, with more practice, training, I can really excel in doing this.


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