Concluding entry for EDS 103



The knowledge that I have learned here in EDS 103 are truly priceless. Not only that this is very useful in teaching my nephew, I can apply some of its principles or concept to my son.

The rewards and sometimes a little scolding is what I do to get the little one to behave or to continue his good deed. In terms of playing, I let him play with wooden blocks so he can form figures. I’d like to let him play a clay but I fear he would put it in his mouth.

In terms of learning style by the Dunns, yes it affirmed the way that I study. For modules, I learn fast by having it printed and reading it rather than using my laptop. I can concentrate best when my area is quiet though if i study here in the office, I do it in my break time when everybody are outside.I highlight the key points so that I can easily memorize the lesson.

My belief is that one should never stop learning. I, may not be able to learn new skill but at least studying education has paved the way for me to understand people, their behavior and how they acquire knowledge.

I have learned a great deal about myself as a person and what great lengths I can give in order to to be motivated during the whole semester. As a person too, I know that I am at my best when I learn from application. All my life, it has always been books for me but when I started working, that’s when I realized that training and hands on application is what will help me in getting the job done.

Likewise in teaching, the theories, explanations will be of great help once it is applied in students. As much as collaborative learning is advantageous, one will learn on its own.

Just like what we are doing here in UPOU, it is still is us who will manage all the studying. I can see Teacher Malou as just the guide and who will give out modules and questions, it is up to us who will find the answers.

It was not easy juggling motherhood, work, and studies but I’m thankful for this opportunity because I know that I will bring this when the time comes that I will teach preschool students someday.


The value of knowledge.

It was only when I watched a youtube feature about epistemology that I begun to understand the whole concept. Epistemology is the study of knowledge. And we are able to acquire knowledge through Empiricism (sensory knowledge) and Rationalism (through reasoning). And there are two types of acquired knowledge: Propositional(Know that) and Practical Knowledge(know how).

As a student, I believe I’m more in line in the propositional knowledge category. Everything that we did in elementary and high school even in college, we relied on books. It was only when I started working  that everything was hands on and theories did not apply.

But here in UPOU, I began to have a new perspective because the new information that I gain from studying the modules enables me to practice my reasoning. As my knowledge it increases, I am able to apply it with Ma’am Malou’s activities for us making us sound thinkers.


Introduction to Epistemology.

What keeps me motivated here in UPOU .

It was only that I had a regular 8 hour job that I finally decided that I wanted to improve myself more by enrolling myself to school. I felt that as long as I am in a broadcasting industry, my world will be revolved in just working. Aside from learning, I did want to be a preschool teacher because I love kids. and that is how my love affair with certificate of teaching course began and so far, it was a decision that I don’t regret having.

Aside from the deadline that motivates me to finish my tasks, reading, it is the knowledge that I gain from each modules that was given to us that keeps me attached to this course.

I always feel fulfilled every time I accomplished a requirement. It was able to apply what I have learned like techniques in how I teach my nephew and so far, our studying sessions went well.

Seeing his high grades make me want to pursue teaching more and I hope that I can fully touch lives because of this opportunity that was given to me.

On Constructivism

If there’s anything that I was able to practice now that I’m working, that is the concept of Constructivism. According to and http://www.learning, constructivism is the process wherein the learner actively assimilates new knowledge incorporating it to the previous learning or information processed. It is what we learn from our social interaction from (Vygotsky) and developmental (Piaget).

Applying it in my work, I believe that I am more efficient when I have someone to lead me on how to do certain tasks. From their on, I can now facilitate the activity by myself and I am able to solve if there are any errors.

Cognitive Constructivism are applied to what babies and toddlers assimilate in their early years. their developmental milestone and accumulation of knowledge and how they construct it is a form of cognitive learning based on their experiences.

As a soon-to be teacher, it is important that students though not basically learn from “lectures” only. applying constructivism in classroom enables students to think twice and hard about their answers because this make them really exert effort on how to share what they know.

With my son now the activities we have for him leans on him discovering new knowledge. And it always a surprise on how he learns and construct new knowledge.


My TPI results before and after and its significant meaning to me.

Date of survey:01/10/2015

Name of respondent:G Nervisa

Association group:31

Area of learning:2

Subject of teaching:English Values Filipino

Transmission Total: (Tr):37 (B = 13; I = 14; A = 10)

Apprenticeship Total: (Ap):35 (B = 15; I = 11; A = 9)

Developmental Total: (Dv):34 (B = 13; I = 10; A = 11)

Nurturing Total: (Nu):36 (B = 13; I = 11; A = 12)

Social Reform Total: (SR):30 (B = 11; I = 9; A = 10)

Date of survey:03/24/2015
Name of respondent:G Nervisa
Association group:No, I am not a member of any of these groups
Area of learning:Other
Subject of teaching:General subjects

Transmission Total: (Tr):39 (B = 13; I = 12; A = 14)
Apprenticeship Total: (Ap):42 (B = 13; I = 15; A = 14)
Developmental Total: (Dv):39 (B = 13; I = 14; A = 12)
Nurturing Total: (Nu):40 (B = 12; I = 14; A = 14)
Social Reform Total: (SR):36 (B = 10; I = 13; A = 13)
The results of my TPI were totally different from the one I took last January. Not only it increased in number but there was a whole new different perspective maybe due to the fact of information I gained for the last three months of studying EDS 111.
Apprenticeship comes now first wherein “approach to discipline” and how students are stimulated by environment affects in performance. I try to model what students should do so that they will have an idea on how to perform the activity. Developmental comes in second and the students’ development towards the learning process is my concern. On the other hand, there is still genuine passion and concern for the students’ learning through my nurturing side.
Now, it may sound like I’m stern and all but it’s nice to know that I can strike a balance of caring for my students. I guess it somehow reflects that students gaining knowledge and being able to apply it after they graduated is my priority.
The TPI is significant to me because I know which area should I improve on so that it ensures that students enjoyment in studying.

On the road to lifelong learning…

It is only now that I have become a mom that I’ve decided to take up a Master’s Degree(I had to file for LOA for the mean time to make way for PTC) and certificate of teaching course. As much as I enjoyed doing my producer work in ABS-CBN, it was in TV 5 that I realized that I needed to do something more. I felt that what I was not growing and I wasn’t learning anything. Maybe because my job and activities is solely based on a routine.

Then I took up my grad studies and short course here in UPOU and what followed next are weekend readings and answering of modules in the office.

Studying education was a whole new experience for me. It was like college life all over again wherein I did a lot of readings and researching for more articles that I could understand more.

What I’ve gain from this experience? A whole lot! I’ve learned to be disciplined again, to prioritize things and fix my schedule so that work, motherly duties, and studies will not overlap with each other.

I had to be discreet though in studying in the office because there were others who act very judgemental that I should be doing this at home while I see them also watching youtube and just facebooking. People. arghh!

But that didn’t stop me, I do my readings after I finish my task. That’s it. I’ve learned to save money for my schooling here in UPOU. P8,000 is a lot of money, that is why when procrastination hits in, I make sure I snap of it.

Studying and taking up EDS 111 was one the great decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve learned a lot in terms of teaching that i can apply in my tutoring. I’ve learned that Elih is whole different person and I should think of methods to keep him engage in teaching. In lifelong learning, both Elih, me, and the school would take into considerations on how to improve student learning.

I’m glad I still have thirst for learning.

Being reflective…

I’ve always liked storing my thoughts in my journal. I have this habit of collecting planners and just write my thoughts on it and my son’s milestones. Sometime when I read it, I can’t believe that I actually said or did that but somehow being reflective and looking back helps me improve my traits, my outlook in life.

In some setbacks that I experienced, one can’t help but over think and this module on reflection of teachers help me in prioritizing important details so as I can clear my thoughts. Choosing my battles to ponder on will help me become more constructive and focus. I will see clearly what needs to be checked on: my tutoring, my attitude, my students. Even in my work I can apply this practice. I can reflect on the things that makes unproductive and I’ll be able to do something about it.

Being reflective is a personal thing yet, it doesn’t hurt to ask help and advice to people who are dear to you because in that way, not only yourself but your family, friends will help you improve yourself for the best.

On being creative…

I’ve never been the creative type. I really don’t have the skill on how to decorate things that is why I rely on magazines and Pinterest for inspiration and drawing is not my forte as well. But one thing I know is that what I have the “eye” for nice things and somehow I can easily learn and tailor my skills according to what I can give. One thing that I love in the thought of being a preschool teacher is that I can adapt creativity in the classroom and thanks to different resource materials such as books and internet, there are so many activities that can enhance preschools students’ learning because in their early years, they tend to be more visual and tactile. that is why I could incorporate art projects, building projects like Lego in their class because that is the time that they learn skills such as being creative, improve their socialization skills, and develop their problem-solving skills.

On teacher’s end being creative stretches its potential on how to teach students not only the form of lecture but in a way that will make them think analytically and creatively. That is why in teaching, or in any profession, we must think of methods on how to impart knowledge because each learning that they will gain from us will make an impact in their lives.