Being reflective…

I’ve always liked storing my thoughts in my journal. I have this habit of collecting planners and just write my thoughts on it and my son’s milestones. Sometime when I read it, I can’t believe that I actually said or did that but somehow being reflective and looking back helps me improve my traits, my outlook in life.

In some setbacks that I experienced, one can’t help but over think and this module on reflection of teachers help me in prioritizing important details so as I can clear my thoughts. Choosing my battles to ponder on will help me become more constructive and focus. I will see clearly what needs to be checked on: my tutoring, my attitude, my students. Even in my work I can apply this practice. I can reflect on the things that makes unproductive and I’ll be able to do something about it.

Being reflective is a personal thing yet, it doesn’t hurt to ask help and advice to people who are dear to you because in that way, not only yourself but your family, friends will help you improve yourself for the best.


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