My TPI results before and after and its significant meaning to me.

Date of survey:01/10/2015

Name of respondent:G Nervisa

Association group:31

Area of learning:2

Subject of teaching:English Values Filipino

Transmission Total: (Tr):37 (B = 13; I = 14; A = 10)

Apprenticeship Total: (Ap):35 (B = 15; I = 11; A = 9)

Developmental Total: (Dv):34 (B = 13; I = 10; A = 11)

Nurturing Total: (Nu):36 (B = 13; I = 11; A = 12)

Social Reform Total: (SR):30 (B = 11; I = 9; A = 10)

Date of survey:03/24/2015
Name of respondent:G Nervisa
Association group:No, I am not a member of any of these groups
Area of learning:Other
Subject of teaching:General subjects

Transmission Total: (Tr):39 (B = 13; I = 12; A = 14)
Apprenticeship Total: (Ap):42 (B = 13; I = 15; A = 14)
Developmental Total: (Dv):39 (B = 13; I = 14; A = 12)
Nurturing Total: (Nu):40 (B = 12; I = 14; A = 14)
Social Reform Total: (SR):36 (B = 10; I = 13; A = 13)
The results of my TPI were totally different from the one I took last January. Not only it increased in number but there was a whole new different perspective maybe due to the fact of information I gained for the last three months of studying EDS 111.
Apprenticeship comes now first wherein “approach to discipline” and how students are stimulated by environment affects in performance. I try to model what students should do so that they will have an idea on how to perform the activity. Developmental comes in second and the students’ development towards the learning process is my concern. On the other hand, there is still genuine passion and concern for the students’ learning through my nurturing side.
Now, it may sound like I’m stern and all but it’s nice to know that I can strike a balance of caring for my students. I guess it somehow reflects that students gaining knowledge and being able to apply it after they graduated is my priority.
The TPI is significant to me because I know which area should I improve on so that it ensures that students enjoyment in studying.

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