On being creative…

I’ve never been the creative type. I really don’t have the skill on how to decorate things that is why I rely on magazines and Pinterest for inspiration and drawing is not my forte as well. But one thing I know is that what I have the “eye” for nice things and somehow I can easily learn and tailor my skills according to what I can give. One thing that I love in the thought of being a preschool teacher is that I can adapt creativity in the classroom and thanks to different resource materials such as books and internet, there are so many activities that can enhance preschools students’ learning because in their early years, they tend to be more visual and tactile. that is why I could incorporate art projects, building projects like Lego in their class because that is the time that they learn skills such as being creative, improve their socialization skills, and develop their problem-solving skills.

On teacher’s end being creative stretches its potential on how to teach students not only the form of lecture but in a way that will make them think analytically and creatively. That is why in teaching, or in any profession, we must think of methods on how to impart knowledge because each learning that they will gain from us will make an impact in their lives.


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