On the road to lifelong learning…

It is only now that I have become a mom that I’ve decided to take up a Master’s Degree(I had to file for LOA for the mean time to make way for PTC) and certificate of teaching course. As much as I enjoyed doing my producer work in ABS-CBN, it was in TV 5 that I realized that I needed to do something more. I felt that what I was not growing and I wasn’t learning anything. Maybe because my job and activities is solely based on a routine.

Then I took up my grad studies and short course here in UPOU and what followed next are weekend readings and answering of modules in the office.

Studying education was a whole new experience for me. It was like college life all over again wherein I did a lot of readings and researching for more articles that I could understand more.

What I’ve gain from this experience? A whole lot! I’ve learned to be disciplined again, to prioritize things and fix my schedule so that work, motherly duties, and studies will not overlap with each other.

I had to be discreet though in studying in the office because there were others who act very judgemental that I should be doing this at home while I see them also watching youtube and just facebooking. People. arghh!

But that didn’t stop me, I do my readings after I finish my task. That’s it. I’ve learned to save money for my schooling here in UPOU. P8,000 is a lot of money, that is why when procrastination hits in, I make sure I snap of it.

Studying and taking up EDS 111 was one the great decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve learned a lot in terms of teaching that i can apply in my tutoring. I’ve learned that Elih is whole different person and I should think of methods to keep him engage in teaching. In lifelong learning, both Elih, me, and the school would take into considerations on how to improve student learning.

I’m glad I still have thirst for learning.


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