On Constructivism

If there’s anything that I was able to practice now that I’m working, that is the concept of Constructivism. According to http://www.learningandteaching.info/learning/constructivism.htm and http://www.learning theories.com/constructivism.html, constructivism is the process wherein the learner actively assimilates new knowledge incorporating it to the previous learning or information processed. It is what we learn from our social interaction from (Vygotsky) and developmental (Piaget).

Applying it in my work, I believe that I am more efficient when I have someone to lead me on how to do certain tasks. From their on, I can now facilitate the activity by myself and I am able to solve if there are any errors.

Cognitive Constructivism are applied to what babies and toddlers assimilate in their early years. their developmental milestone and accumulation of knowledge and how they construct it is a form of cognitive learning based on their experiences.

As a soon-to be teacher, it is important that students though not basically learn from “lectures” only. applying constructivism in classroom enables students to think twice and hard about their answers because this make them really exert effort on how to share what they know.

With my son now the activities we have for him leans on him discovering new knowledge. And it always a surprise on how he learns and construct new knowledge.











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