The value of knowledge.

It was only when I watched a youtube feature about epistemology that I begun to understand the whole concept. Epistemology is the study of knowledge. And we are able to acquire knowledge through Empiricism (sensory knowledge) and Rationalism (through reasoning). And there are two types of acquired knowledge: Propositional(Know that) and Practical Knowledge(know how).

As a student, I believe I’m more in line in the propositional knowledge category. Everything that we did in elementary and high school even in college, we relied on books. It was only when I started working  that everything was hands on and theories did not apply.

But here in UPOU, I began to have a new perspective because the new information that I gain from studying the modules enables me to practice my reasoning. As my knowledge it increases, I am able to apply it with Ma’am Malou’s activities for us making us sound thinkers.


Introduction to Epistemology.


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