What keeps me motivated here in UPOU .

It was only that I had a regular 8 hour job that I finally decided that I wanted to improve myself more by enrolling myself to school. I felt that as long as I am in a broadcasting industry, my world will be revolved in just working. Aside from learning, I did want to be a preschool teacher because I love kids. and that is how my love affair with certificate of teaching course began and so far, it was a decision that I don’t regret having.

Aside from the deadline that motivates me to finish my tasks, reading, it is the knowledge that I gain from each modules that was given to us that keeps me attached to this course.

I always feel fulfilled every time I accomplished a requirement. It was able to apply what I have learned like techniques in how I teach my nephew and so far, our studying sessions went well.

Seeing his high grades make me want to pursue teaching more and I hope that I can fully touch lives because of this opportunity that was given to me.


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