Concluding entry for EDS 103



The knowledge that I have learned here in EDS 103 are truly priceless. Not only that this is very useful in teaching my nephew, I can apply some of its principles or concept to my son.

The rewards and sometimes a little scolding is what I do to get the little one to behave or to continue his good deed. In terms of playing, I let him play with wooden blocks so he can form figures. I’d like to let him play a clay but I fear he would put it in his mouth.

In terms of learning style by the Dunns, yes it affirmed the way that I study. For modules, I learn fast by having it printed and reading it rather than using my laptop. I can concentrate best when my area is quiet though if i study here in the office, I do it in my break time when everybody are outside.I highlight the key points so that I can easily memorize the lesson.

My belief is that one should never stop learning. I, may not be able to learn new skill but at least studying education has paved the way for me to understand people, their behavior and how they acquire knowledge.

I have learned a great deal about myself as a person and what great lengths I can give in order to to be motivated during the whole semester. As a person too, I know that I am at my best when I learn from application. All my life, it has always been books for me but when I started working, that’s when I realized that training and hands on application is what will help me in getting the job done.

Likewise in teaching, the theories, explanations will be of great help once it is applied in students. As much as collaborative learning is advantageous, one will learn on its own.

Just like what we are doing here in UPOU, it is still is us who will manage all the studying. I can see Teacher Malou as just the guide and who will give out modules and questions, it is up to us who will find the answers.

It was not easy juggling motherhood, work, and studies but I’m thankful for this opportunity because I know that I will bring this when the time comes that I will teach preschool students someday.


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