Integration of technology in the classroom.

The lesson on integration of technology has made me realize how it played a big part in accomplishing my tasks as a student and later on as a working professional.

Intructional media in the classroom contributes a lot in the rearing of the minds of students. With pictures and different vivid images, it is much easier to stress a point in the lesson. Though, I’m not artistically inclined, again, development of technologies made it quite easy for me to make portpofolios engaging and pleasing to the eye.

And now in the advent of social media, a lot of us can voice our thoughts through blogging, Twitter, Facebook.

As an aspiring teacher, it helps to know that there is a systematic way of how you will integrate technology in the classroom. In my time, we were only accustomed to the teachers using chalk, blackboard, acetate pictures, slides in delivering lectures and yes, we tend to be passive learners. However, during college, our professors not only maximize the use of audio-visual media but they made sure that we get to try on presenting information using different instructional media.

There were short film and radio ad, photography projects, Powerpoint presentation, and of course, many book reports wherein we used Microsoft word. what did we learn? How to navigate these media and how to be a story-teller. It was such an achievement to be able to present something meaningful out of the instructional media used, just like in Constructivism, you are the one who is actively seeking on how to manipulate these instructional media. We become interactive with these media and enable us to produce something profound.

Incorporating technology in our lesson can make a big impact to every student but of course we have to know which is applicable and how it can actually help in promoting higher learning in the student.

But so far, with the lesson plan using ASSURE model that we have made, little by little, I get to really grasp the whole lesson. It was way different from a student’s perpective since they are the ones who are going to receive the information but what I was trying to say, the details that I have to put on in making sure that every medium is utilized can be nerve-wracking.

I’m glad I did the lesson plan.


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