Module 3: Everything printed material is very much appreciated!

Module 3 which focuses on printed material has been a fun learning experience because I have learned again the basic how-to’s on how to design an effective printed material.

The plethora of information given to us regarding printed material enabled me to understand that printed material plays a vital part in one’s learning.

When I was in studying and until now, it is a must that I have a hard copy of every information or research material that was provided to me in order to understand the lesson or task.

Study guides, research guides, and graphical guides provided me step-by-step procedure on how to accomplish school requirement.

Though, anything printed may not evoke emotion unlike in visual materials like video or film clips, it is enough that it lets us exercise our creativity and imagination, for examples in books.

As an aspiring teacher especially to children, the rules on how to design a print material was very beneficial. Since children’s learning style is visual, I have to consider what will inspire and engage them to learn.

From there on, I know that my creativity skills will be tested because I have to layout them accordingly like the font, font size, color, the placement of the text, picture, and of course the words that I will use to help them understand the lesson.

Again, it will always boil down into two things: KISS and CCC. Keep it simple “sister” and clutter creates confusion and for sure your printed output will be appreciated by your audience/students.


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