Module 4: Visually stimulating reading materials!

Module 4 which focused on visual materials through projected and non-projected materials were really one of the modules that I enjoyed reading so far. I was taught in the time where pictures, charts, posters, were commonly used in disseminating information. It was only in college that we were asked by our professors in doing portfolio works using computer.

As I have mentioned in my previous post/answers in the forum, visual materials plays in integral part in the student’s learning. As much as I love reading text, it is true that I love looking at pictures. It was a delight to read Archie comic books before because not only that my vocabulary is improved, their drawings were also funny, thus developing a “good eye” for artworks.

When it comes to memorizing things, yes, I also learned fast when, I do a chart. Again, when using these visual aids, it helps the students more to be connected with their lessons. It gives them time to really absorb the lesson.

I went to National Bookstore to buy the Philippine political map and a wave of nostalgia hit me. Maps, the periodic table were some of the visual aids we have used in high school and you can see that it is still very useful in providing information. Even if visual aids are used by the teacher to teach, we still learn from it when it comes to recitation. When the teacher asks the chemical name for example of “gold”, we would immediately check on the periodic table and say “Au”. Thus this helps in developing observation and at the same it retains in our minds the information about the text written in visual aids because of familiarization.

In terms of presentation, during college, it is more effective to show your pictures using projector. it intends to show the pictures visibly in a large audience. We are free to design our print material according to what we want in terms of what information we are going to include.

Now that I’m a mom and tutor to my nephew, I try to deliver learning aids that will keep them engage. Of course for the toddler, it would be charts, flash cards, as this should help him retain the image in his head. With my nephew, he’s now concentrated on using the tablets. The vacation was all over iPad and yes, it was hard for us to slow him down, but now it’s school time, it’s back to books!

This module has inspired me to go back to basics since I’m an old school, yet, it will still be nice to be techie as well. đŸ™‚


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