Module 5: Why I cried while listening to an audio material.

It is easy to take for granted a lot of things especially when what you use for studying are your eyes and not your ears. I must admit that the module for this week about Audio rekindled my interest in obtaining information through the use of audio materials.

I remember receiving a Harry Potter audio set and never listened to it because I’m more of a visual person, though I enjoy watching documentary shows with voice-over narration of course.

Studying audio materials for this week made me realize that audio is an essential part in one’s learning. Especially for my son to be able to repeat the information like letters and number, he has to listen to my voice.

I realize that one retains information visually and auditory. When I teach my son about different kinds of animals, it is inevitable that I don’t ask him about the sound that these animals make. For example, when I ask him, “Gio, show me the dog (while looking in the animal chart), and he would point it. And when I ask him, what does the sound of the dog? He would make an “arf, arf” sound and he would utter “meeow, meeow, moo moo, oink oink” sounds as well when I ask him about cat, cow, and pig.

I believe that we associate images from the sound that they produces and that retains in our minds. I also remember not attending a mass and I tried listening to a podcast, wow! what impact through just listening the voice of the preacher (from the Feast). And I found myself crying because he was able to touch my heart and I learned something from him.

And that is how powerful an audio material is, it can evoke emotion (from the sound, musical score in the movie), you learn more from the explanation of the narrator in every documentary, fairy tale, that you read or watch.

I haven’t experience audio feedback nor downloading excerpt from a website for any given talk but I’m sure that audio feedback provided by a teacher or facilitator will somehow help me improve my task because it’s more personal, they can expound on it.

So, yeah, I’m actually gonna listen to Harry Potter audio set now.



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