Module 6: Internet and its importance to us.

Internet has played a vital role in our lives as a student, career-worker and as a person. With internet and the different websites that we can surf, it plays a major role in enhancing our learning. Internet has made our lives a lot easier because interaction can now happen through online. Our distance learning here in UP Open University is a testament that even if there is no actual interaction, the interaction among online students are dynamic. In terms of connection, yes, internet has made sure that we stay connected with our family and loved ones, even in work place at all times. Thanks to Skype, Viber, Facetime and the like.

Internet has many advantages, in terms of learning, there can be vast of information that we can search in the internet. To enhance our visual and auditory skills, there are many helpful sites that we can use to improve our skills. It is very accessible to all, for us, students, it’s more convenient to research more in the internet(though I still advocate in going to the library to search for books). For children, however, it pays to have an adult, teacher supervise them in their internet usage. We have to be vigilant in what they are viewing as this can be a big influence to their actions.

Which brings about the disadvantage of internet, because f its accessibility, if left unguarded, it may post risk in our young children. Good thing in this module though, it discussed the necessary elements to check if the website is appropriate for us to use:

Accuracy, wherein the data and information posted are factual and true in every sense.

Authority there is ownership and responsibility for the design of the website and of course, authority projects credibility.

Usefulness- it is a site that promotes learning and interaction to the user.

Currentness-obviously, the site should be updated and in touch with the current happenings of the world so as to inform the user as well.

Presentation- visually appealing yet appropriate for ever age. Links should be able to bring the user to every stage or phase that will help him/her engage in the website.

Thus, learning this helps me more to be observant in whatever site that I will now check into especially when I’m with my son and nephew. I don’t want them to expose them in activities that may promote too much violence or malicious content.

Again, it all boils down to to being a responsible internet user. If we know the purpose of why we are going to use the internet then it will be much easier for us to integrate technology like internet to our schooling. This will help our students appreciate technology and they will develop more critical thinking.


One thought on “Module 6: Internet and its importance to us.

  1. Hi Giselle,

    Like you, I still encourage my students to visit the library and use books, periodicals, or journals as references for their written outputs, especially in research. Despite its convenience, the internet does pose the risk of directing children to inappropriate sites. We adults not only have to be vigilant about their internet use, we also have to be able to evaluate the appropriateness and veracity of the sites that children may visit. 🙂



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