Concluding entry for Module 7

How time flies when I applied for a leave of absence in MDC to pursue Professional Teaching Certificate course here in UPOU, and after three semesters, I have developed a profound respect for teachers, tutors, and I developed much more empathy with them because teaching is not a simple job, not merely teaching with blackboard and chalk but so much more.

And with all the modules that I have read here in EDS 151, I found them all meaningful and useful. As an aspiring teacher, one must not stop gaining knowledge. Especially now, we are in the age of technology, we must adapt and incorporate multimedia materials in our lectures, activities to further engage students.

EDS 151 has taught me that students are not merely students but they have different learning styles and we as a teacher should be keen observer and help them realize on how they can learn more. It is my job as tutor to present ways or lectures in a creative way since young students tend to be visual.

And being creative also comes having a solid knowledge of the subject, topic, that we are going to teach our students. Reading materials about TPACK mainly stressed that teachers should continue to check on its understanding of topic to further expand the lesson, try to incorporate technology in the lesson to help students not to be passive learners but they can construct their own answers as well.

As a parent I realized that with the module that tackled about Internet, we have to be vigilant about the dangers of browsing the internet especially when the students are not guarded by adults or they don’t have information on what makes an internet site legit.

I’m very happy with the whole experience because this class also allowed me to teach preschool students using our group’s project and seeing their faces on how happy they were when they answered our questions correctly was an incredible high!

We showed our visula materials with the use of laptop, screen projector and they were in awe. They were able to point out  difference between a clean and dirty surrounding. that alone proves that teachers still depend on visual materials to stress on certain points, they keep the students engaged and they helped them think critically.

Time definitely flies so fast and I’d like to thank Teacher Roja for all the forums, they helped me sharpened my mind. to my classmates, I’ve learned a lot from you guys and to my group G gang, you’re the best, guys!you inspire me to be a better tutor!


Module 7: Multimedia and its significance to learning.

Multimedia technology has served as gateway in enhancing the learning of the students. With the integration of text, graphics, sound, and video, we are able to understand the context of the lesson more. There are moments now inside the classroom that traditional mode of lecturing such as blackboard, chalk, and even books, may not be enough to explain the concept and with the use of multimedia or technological resources, they are able to grasp the lesson and identify important terms.

In Designing and Developing Resources: Multimedia Materials, enables the student to be more interactive and engaged in the lesson or activity. With that, they not only become passive learners but with the different multimedia activities that one can do such as gaming, simulations, slides production.

I remember in a make up workshop that I attended to, our instructor showed to us a video presentation on how to apply make up on face. For me, eye shadow application is the most difficult application to do because of the blending and contouring, but with the video clip on how to apply it, we were able to know the proper application. Thus, learning comes through when we were tasked to perform the application of eye shadow exercise. In this way, there is hands on application.

Same also on how to properly do a cpr. We are able to identify what to do if there is a step-by-step information that we can follow.

Teachers in a way are able to inform student beyond the traditional mode and offer more variations.

As an aspiring teacher and tutor to my son and nephew, it helps that they are youtube videos that help me explain their lessons in Science. For my son, he becomes more engage when there are lively songs in an alphabet video. Not only that my son and video develop more focus especially if there are educational activities in their iPad which they are allowed to play during the weekends.

Again, multimedia is a powerful tool that must be utilized properly. We have to know the purpose why we have to use these multimedia in order to teach our students. Because in that way, they will know how to incorporate multimedia in their studies.