Devc 208-Module 2

  1. Discuss the different communication models and the domains in communication
    for development
  2. Discuss and differentiate the theory and practice associated with the traditional
    development communication approach and the communication for development
    as practiced by international organizations

The first generic communication model is the unilinear model, a type of communication model that has a sequence meaning there would be a start and end process. 3 factors comprising this model is the the one sending the message, the receiver, and the effect of the message to the receiver.

Unilinear model would be from Harold Lasswell and Shannon and Weaver’s model that describes its process of communication using a telegraph system (Models and Approaches in Communication for Development pp. 7). In Shannon and Weaver’s model, concept of noise was incorporated,it means that anything that can disrupt in the transmission of message.

Another communication model is the Transactional model, from what I have understood, it is a type of model that involves participation among people involve in the dialogue.

The 3rd generic communication model would be the System model wherein all elements are interactive and no particular sequence is followed.

These models may be used in some approaches in development communication. I will site some practice which I’m familiar with.

Advocacy – I have been familiar with this because everybody seem to be a strong advocate or pursuer of something that is relevant to him and her. When I got pregnant, the most obvious topic that I have encountered in the net would be about breastfeeding. Because of blog and website articles that I have read about the good effects of breastfeeding, I became a staunch supporter of nursing my child and not feeding it with formula milk. Others also had advocacy like saving the Ilog Pasic, pine trees from extinction in Baguio. With the advent of social media, it is more common that we see any advocay campaign in social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and blogs.

Strategic Communication – I have a friend from PR who carefully analyzes and do a total packaging and branding for whatever client that she has. Hers was all about Mindanao, and despite some of the negative publicity that Mindanao has in some aspects, because of her thorough analysis and study, she was able to market the province well attracting many tourist.

Social mobilization enables all participant, audience to act on specific project that encourages awareness on what is right. For example would be the “Boto Mo, Ipatrol Mo” that was spearheaded by the TV Patrol team in encouraging its tv viewers to be more vigilant for the upcoming elections.


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