Devc208-Module 1

Introduction to Social Marketing and Social Mobilization

Discuss the concept of development

The concept of development was defined by Gonzales as the journey of the society, of every individual to have a good condition in their lives. Every aspect in a society goes hand in hand in ensuring that its individual gets to live in a sustainable environment wherein its resources may be maximized and the potential of the individual may also be utilized to its full potential.

According to Module 1 provided to us, development may be : multidimensional which has political, economic, social, cultural, institutional, and environmental elements. multidisciplinary wherein principles of psychology, economics, sociology are adapted, interdisciplinary where all aspects from disciplines are implemented and integrative wherein various aspects of discipline are unified.

Two qualities that defines development:

Production-centered Development – financial gain is the utmost concern so it means that economic stature in a society is continuously tried to improve.

People-centered development – it has the need to sustain the well-being and the growth of the people in a society.

What is social change?

According to, social change can be the shift towards development or anything that may gear from something old to trying out new ways of innovation in order to achieve progress. However, factors like climate, or a change in the beliefs also of people from positive to negative beliefs may also create social change that can be deterrent to a society’s quality way of life.

In a society, it is inevitable that we will not experience any setbacks. that’s when societal problems come in wherein necessary actions, projects, planning is carefully assessed and implemented. One example that I can think would be the Millennial Development Goals wherein 8 prominent problems in our world were addressed and different countries are expected to deliver in a given deadline. Societal problems are factors that causes stress and it may be causing individual the inability to grow and enjoy what the resources can offer. Problems may range from poverty, unemployment, gender inequality, malnutrition or scarcity of food, corruption, no education or high tuition fee rates.

To achieve people-centered development, a careful analysis must be done on what actions can be taken in solving our society’s problem. It is not enough that we know the characteristics of the problems but what could be the root cause of it. Why there are unsolved crimes? Why mothers are not thoroughly informed about the gifts of breastfeeding? Why there are still malnourished child everywhere?

Society’s problems enable us to think critically and analyze our situation carefully and with that it can help us formulate strategies that will help us attain development. Again just like a baby, it’s just baby’s steps towards new milestone.


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