Devc 208-Module 3

Social marketing as discussed in “Social Marketing for Public Health: An Introduction”, was introduced by Kotler and Zaltman in 1971 in 1971 and defined it as an implemented program or strategy that aims to introduce ideas through careful planning, communication, and thorough research or study. Andreasen also further developed the definition of social marketing and he added that it “aims to influence target audience behaviors hat benefit the society as well as the target audience”.

The difference between social marketing and commercial marketing is that commerical marketing aims to sell goods so it is more focus on gaining financial status in the market while social marketing aims to change behavior, to make a difference in the society especially if the behavior is for the well-being of the person.

Some of the social marketing exapmles are: Stop smoking or Yosi Kadiri Drive of DOH, L.A.T.C.H. Breastfeeding awareness, Kain Commandments, and Mamamayan ayaw sa Droga Drive.

Social marketing is commonly used in health promotion, injury prevention, environmental protection and community mobilization.

Both social and commercial marketing uses the 4 P’s in their marketing mix strategies/communication plan. These are: Product synergy wherein we should know the product that we are going to promote and the benefits that will be gained by the user. Price Strategy is the amount or the time that will be invested by the user to the product being promoted. Promotion Strategy is how or what channels or medium of communication we are going to maximize in promoting the product such as advertising, event launches, print material, radio and television, online through social media and blogs.


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