Devc 202 Module 3: Development

Activity 3


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Egg Hatching Process

  1. The eggshell was broken because the chick ithas already completed its biological process and it is time for it to be released from the shell.
  2. The force came from the chick itself while it was developing and also from the mother hen that provides heat to its eggs.
  3. Just like natural birth,it will take time for the baby or chick to fully developed itself, its body organs to fully function well so that it has the necessary parts for it to survive in its environment.
  4. if we hurry the hatching of the egg, there is a possiblity that the development of the chick is not fully developed yet.
  5. In a community, work setting, school or even a household, it will take time for us to be accustomed to a system. We have to gain knowledge, skills, and develop abilities so that we can apply it in our community, in our jobs. Once we have gained these, we are able to fully maximize our talents and contribute ot the betterment of society.
  6. Science can aid in the egg-hatching process through the use of incubator wherein it will release heat that will enable to fully hatch the egg.

Moth and Development

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1.Pepito’s action even if he was curious should not have opened the pupa with a pair of scissors. In any circumstance that development or process is strictly monitored, one must be patient enough to let it grow and just let nature takes its course.

2. If there’s any permanent in this wrodl, that is change, however, one must not hasten the process because the chances of development of anything that we have worked hard for may not be the one that we are expecting.

3.It is good that a development worker would be helping a community or any individual especially if it aims to better the lives of our unfortunate fellowmen, but as it is, it will still be advisable that the development worker helps also the farmers discover the techniques and apply what it has learned so that it can exercise independence.

4. The insect which was struggling could have meant that it was ready for challenges and it has the strength to spread its wings and explore his environment. The importance of struggle in the development is that there will be lessons learned, new techniques developed in order to make the community a better place to live in.

5.The struggles that we face/encounter in our lives enables us to be more mature and head strong. Likewise in a community, we have experience probably some setbacks and hassles in order to know what will work for us. We will know what changes we can changes we need to make to improves our lives and the community.

6.Mang Pedro could be partly responsible for the moth tragedy. He did not consider that Pepito was young enough to understand the concept of development , life. For Pepito, he was curious and that’s it. It would have been much better, if he was able to explain to Pepito about the effects of hastening the development process of the moth.

7.Development worker as an educator will act as the one who will inform about community projects that will promote change and wellness to further improve the lives in a community.


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