Devc 202: Module 6 Communication Media

Activity 6

Senses stimulated at a time 3 or more times at a time One or two at a time
Opportunity for feedback Immediate feedback Sometimes delayed feedback
Message codes used Verbal and non-verbal Highly verbal
Multiplicative power Slow fast
Direction of message flow Two-way One-way
Power to preserve a message Low High
Ability to select receiver High Low
Ability overcome selectivity and noise High Low
Ability to meet specialized needs Serves specialized needs Serves common needs
Speed to large audience Low High

Activity 6.2. Based on your experience and knowledge, answer the following questions:

1. Which medium do households all over the Philippines most commonly own? Television, Radio, Newspapers and Computer for internet

2. Which medium do households least commonly own over the Philippines? probably high-tech gadgets or smart phones.

3. Which medium are most Filipinos exposed to? Which medium are they least exposed to? With the advent of social media and networking sites, I believe that more and more people find internet the most accessible. Television also is one medium that Filipinos are most exposed to. I believe radio is not that usual medium being used because we are now busy with work so we only get to listen to radio when we are commuting to work. Newspaper may not be read most of the times since young generations now rely on internet for news.

4. Which medium do they depend on most for information on current events/issues? Now, I believe it would be internet and television because for one,with our smart phones and free wifi, we can now surf and know what is going to our surroundings.

Activity 6.3. Place a check on the boxes of the statement that explain some of the impact of new communication technology on development ☐Job displacements ☐More, generally better jobs generatedGlobalization ☐Streamlining of business opportunities ☐Reducing importance of middle management ☐Change definitions of community ☐Focus on credibility of sources ☐Offer new ways of learning


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