Devc 202 Module 7: Barriers to effective communication

Noise can either be a good or bad thing to you especially if you have preferences when you are working or studying, one must know which learning style is suitable for you. In my case when I’m working, i prefer little noise, music from my computer or from a colleague is fine, however loud -mouth or noisy officemates is a no-no as this may cause disturbance on my end especially if I’m trying to concentrate on work. Unfortunate for me, I have many loud-mouth office mates in our department who does not have a single clue that they can be an inconvenience.

Since I have been living in a quite neighborhood, this particular noise can be overwhelming and really irritating, but their just to self-absorbed to notice that.

Although if there’s “noise” or sound that I would like to hear, that would be the laughter of my son. That particualr sound brings joy to my ears and that makes you feel great about yourself and life even if there are many challenges especially in the office.

So far the noise that I have to deal with at home or work would be:

  • noise from our construction worker who is building our house
  • my loud-mouth officemate
  • officemates’ youtube videos that everyone can hear
  • officemates drumming sounds
  • my son’s shouting voice when he wants milk, dede,
  • Yup, I guess it’s a breath of fresh air when I’m home no matter how challenging my life as a mom. It’s just quiet here

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