Module 10 – Foundations of Development Communication

These are some of the discipline that supports the ascendancy of Development Communication:

  • Economics – it has been proven that in economics, concrete information and effective communication supports the development of economy.
  • Psychology – Transpersonal Psychology which was pointed out by Maslow wherein fulfillment is realized when the needs of other people are much more prioritized than on ours. In development communication, when we serve other people through our passion in making their lives much better through activities, then we are meeting the purpose of development communication and psychology, we influence others through our commitment to provide service.
  • Quantum Physics – it explains that in Science, such as this, and in development communication, its principles are interrelated, one cannot function without the other.
  • Biology – the systematic manner of how the food chain takes place in environment in order for it to survive and function, may also be compared to development communication wherein the factors that will be applied in every campaign or advocacy that we will do will follow the same pattern or system in order for that campaign to be strongly recognized and not die down.
  • Cybernetics – Development communication plays a vital role in societal levels in our community or society as it allows to pave the way of better communication ideas that will exist in our projects, advocacy, social marketing.

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