Module 9 – Definition of Development Communication

From what I have understood in the whole time that I have been reading about Development Communication is a means of communications which aims to change the way of life, behavior, and practices of people. Development Communication works best when it is planned systematically and thorough research was done. With the use of theories and statistics, interview for data gathering, then, we are able to produce a communication materials that will be effective in promoting change towards our target groups.

The role of development communication is to eradicate poverty thus with development communication, aspiring practitioners like me would be able to know the root cause of what makes them under privilege, and what projects we could propose in alleviating their condition in the society.

Development Communication also makes use of different of different forms or medium of communication in order to serve its purpose to inform people about the negative effects of a certain behavior and what makes it more meaningful is that it allows participation and follow up which enables us to know if there is indeed a change.


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