Module 4c: Audience Segmentation, Goals, and Objectives

Social mobilization enables all different sectors to engage and participate in an activity that promotes developmental change and awareness.


Political Mobilization

Governmenr Mobilization

Community Mobilization

Corporate Mobilization

Beneficiary Mobilization

Segmenting the audience is very crucial in a social marketing plan because it enables you to identify that one important and vital factor in making it distinct among others. With audience segmentation, it is much easier to check the 4 P’s which is important in marketing.

4P’s are: Products, Price, Promotion, and Place.

Here are some ways we can break down the target population:

Demographics- gender, age, education, religion, income

Geographic – location or residence of the people

Behaviors, lifestyle, habits

Psychographic meaning how a person perceives or feels about tradition, customs, etc.

The reason for doing audience segmentation because it helps us formulate our goals and objectives. The goal in a social marketing campaign would be the achievement of what it is needed to be accomplished or the desired outcome. While objective on the other hand are the steps that we do or make in order to achieve the goal.

There are two ways in achieving social marketing objectives:


SMART Approach


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