Module 4D: Social Marketing Strategy

Here are Duxbury’s 8 Steps in conceptualizing a social marketing strategy:

Step 1: What is the campaign purpose?

Identify what you want to do for your campaign.
Step 2: Target audience, objectives

You have to know which target market you want inform your message. By researching on their lifestyle, customs, behavior, we will be able to formulate a good plan.
Step 3: Set objectives and SMART targets

Again, SMART objective stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound activities that will help your social marketing plan work.
Step 4: Analyse the barriers and benefits of the desired behaviour
(product) and the current behaviour (competition)

If you already know your target market, check on the benefits and hassles that may come in implementing your plan so that in the end you will still derive at your desired change of behavior.
Step 5: Product, Price, Place, Promotion

Take into consideration these 4P’s so that you can actually
Develop tools and strategies to address major barriers and
benefits of the preferred behaviour (product) and the current
behaviour (competition) that address product, price, place and
Develop a communication (promotion) strategy
Step 6: How will your marketing strategy be monitored and evaluated?

Determine on how you are going to check if your campaign was able to deliver the message across your target market and there was indeed a change of behavior.
Step 7: Work out your budget and funding sources.

Know how much will it cost for the whole campaign.
Step 8: Pilot your marketing strategy. After evaluation make changes and
roll it out more widely.

conducting surveys, test will also help gauge if the campaign was successful. Knowing the thoughts of the consumers, audience will also help develop a much better plan.

Importance of social marketing enables individuals to participate in social change. Since the advent of the internet, it is much easier to join and make our voices heard. Through the help of social media, many people has the ability to voice out their thoughts.

Since social media is being incorporated in social marketing plan, we have to know its full function:

Listen – this enables the companies or events group to know what the feedback is. #hashtags is one way for us to follow a certain brand or topic which will enable all its followers to have comments whether they liked the campaign or not. whether they were satisfied with the product or not.

Analyze – it’s much easier now to know the feedback because of how certain topics may be classified. Many product reviews, recommendations can now be seen in the net.

Engage – you have to constantly feed the audience with updates. You have to apply the three pillars of social media which are : campaign, content, and connections.

Influence – the word of mouth may be still the powerful form of advertising. And when your campaign, launch is successful and your target audience loved the product, you can expect that they will spread the good news about it.

Measure – it allows the organizers to check on how engage their target audience is to their products after it has been launched.


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