Module 6 – Types of Social Mobilization and strategies

Elements  of Social Mobilization

  • advocacy – one component of social mobilization wherein it convinces, persuades, and motivates the individual to participate in life-changing activities. Positive environment projects are often supported by policy support and resource generation group.
  • information, education and communication (iec) – this is where information are shared via communication methods.
  • community organizing – this is one of the important elements of social mobilization that helps individuals be more keen in problem-solving and to do action in every issue.
  • training and capacity building – this is where people are taught to be more competent in delivering services that will raise more awareness in mobilizing the program. Again, its aim is to develop people’s ability to make reliable decisions and act on activities.

Types of social mobilization

  • pragmatic social mobilization – community organizers develop ways to share relevant message that will help the project be successful and achieve its goals.
  • activist social mobilization – the programs and activities are facilitated by community members.
  • hybrid social mobilization – planning, implementation and evaluation are strictly followed by organizers in doing a project.

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