Devc 202 – Activity 12

Activity 12.1. Conduct a stakeholder analysis of this policy.

  1. Government – Department of Health, with its efforts banned the use of cigarette through the campaign, Yosi Kadiri!
  2. Education – this will allow the students to be informed of the harmful effects of smoking
  3. Communication industry such as media, may be the one sector that will be greatly affected because of the profits that they may lose in advertisement of the tobacco. However, if advertisements will push through, content of the ad should be strictly conceptualized.
  4. Church according to the book, Introduction to Development Communication by Ongkiko stated that it may not be directly involved in issues like this but can only address it as an addiction problem.
  5. Consumers – will be the one who will greatly benefit as this will not strain their health and money as well.

Activity 12.2. Use any of the enumerated methods to do a short analysis of this policy.

Following the Social -cost Benefit analysis, it may be true that cigarette companies may have provided job employment to Filipinos and to keep the sales going, the use of advertisements is still used to generate profit. However, lot of Filipinos are dying because of lung cancer due to cigarette smoking. With that in mind, government agencies, NGOs continue to fight cigarette-causing diseases to promote healthy lifestyle among us. Even if banning tobacco may take a long time to be implemented, it was a good thing that cities are now implementing “no smoking zone” sign in every establishments so that no one will be affected by second hand smoke. It was also helpful that the price of cigarette/stick have become costly enabling the consumer to think twice before purchasing one.

Activity 12.3. Prepare a one-paged policy brief enumerating: your stakeholders; the results of your policy analysis; and your recommendations.

Recommendation that will be given from the two analyses above would be continued implementation of “no smoking” in certain establishments or even public place like parks, churches, sidewalks, it would be helpful of a fine will be given to those who will not follow this rule.


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