Devc 202 Module 8: Communication and related concepts

Over the years, technology and the way we communicate has been continuously evolving. It is not enough that we send messages through text, now we have incorporated pictures to convey our message, making our message more fun and enjoybale to read. for the young generations, messages with pictures are more engaging to read. W

The five concepts of communication medium connected to internet that I chose are:

  • Memetics – are one of the most followed source of information in the internet today. A lot of people find memetics enjoyable to read because of its brief definition or quote that is wants to convey in a particular issue. They even make a script out of cartoon, scenes of a movie.
  • Dependency Model – with the advent of technology and social media that aids us with our work, assignments and even with our personal relationship, it is an understatement, that we have truly become dependent on mass media such as print, television, radio, and most especially the internet. We rely heavily on these medium because it allows us to be informed about issues.
  • Information and communication technology – utilization of all types of medium such as print, radio, television, and the internet so that users and companies can make use of these for information storage, manipulation, and to further improve services.
  • Invasion of privacy – associated to showbiz personalities, this is the type of situation wherein personal affairs are scrutinized by people without its consent.
  • Information overload – too much information that is processed in by humans and machine which can strain machines and cause stress to humans.

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