How technology has helped me in accomplishing my task and learned from them in school.

Module 2 which is about integration of technology has opened my eyes on how really technology has really shaped me in my schooling years. Little did I know that blackboard, chalk, charts were considered as instructional media and moving from Powerpoint presentation, slides, the use of Microsoft Word has contributed a lot in my learning.

Technology is a really powerful tool in education because it allows us to heightened our skills in researching, in navigating the machine. Before where students may be passive learners because of the amount of time they devote on just listening or observing on the instructional medium presented like slides, film clips, now, we can be our own captain of the ship when it comes to different high-tech gadgets, software, tablets, available to us.

I have always been a visual learner. I am fascinated by the pictures and vivid images presented and it really made studying more engaging.And with the different requirements needed to be submitted, it


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