TMA: Contemporary Developments in the ASEAN Communication Scene.

The book “Linking Research to Practice” was a very useful read as it tried to explain the reason why digital media especially blog have been a powerful tool in disseminating information to us readers.

For us Filipinos, it’s not much quite of a surprise that we are probably one of those who are actively uses the internet. According to SIRCA, the Philippines are at 83.1 of internet users and there were 3.3 billion of Filipino blog readers which tells me that we rely in the internet for information about everything that we need to know.

The social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were also useful in voicing our thoughts and views about politics, government, entertainment, and fashion. However, too much useful that I would be shock at the comments made by netizens. Netizens nowadays have used the freedom of expression way too good because they can just say anything they want without being critical or analytical about the topic.

Here in the Philippines, especially during the May 2016 election, the emotions are high, and there were too much negativity in the social media. There are moments that you have to keep your thoughts to yourself because anything can be publicly shared and when your opinion does not much the other people’s point of view, they will demean you.And that can be the downside of these social media tools like blogging and twittering, the comments may sometimes not be monitored.

Although, blogging have been one of the avenue that the youth delegates of ASEAN participated into. According to the Rappler article about it, youth delagates discussed the issues that will be faced in the ASEAN Integration last December. This activity invited all the youth bloggers in participating in the blog website and it was not a surprise that a lot of Asians took their time in sharing their reflections towards ASEAN Integration.

This all boils down to one thing, social media is a powerful tool in influencing our thoughts and reflections. They can actually affect our behavior due to information that may be relevant to us. And bloggers are also like movie actors, what they know, that they use can be influential to us because of their strong advocacy or liking about it.


Linking Research to Practice (Chib and Harris, Eds)


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