Module 4c: Audience Segmentation, Goals, and Objectives

Social mobilization enables all different sectors to engage and participate in an activity that promotes developmental change and awareness.


Political Mobilization

Governmenr Mobilization

Community Mobilization

Corporate Mobilization

Beneficiary Mobilization

Segmenting the audience is very crucial in a social marketing plan because it enables you to identify that one important and vital factor in making it distinct among others. With audience segmentation, it is much easier to check the 4 P’s which is important in marketing.

4P’s are: Products, Price, Promotion, and Place.

Here are some ways we can break down the target population:

Demographics- gender, age, education, religion, income

Geographic – location or residence of the people

Behaviors, lifestyle, habits

Psychographic meaning how a person perceives or feels about tradition, customs, etc.

The reason for doing audience segmentation because it helps us formulate our goals and objectives. The goal in a social marketing campaign would be the achievement of what it is needed to be accomplished or the desired outcome. While objective on the other hand are the steps that we do or make in order to achieve the goal.

There are two ways in achieving social marketing objectives:


SMART Approach


My report on Module 4b: Environmental Scanning

According to Kendra S. Albright who wrote Environment Scanning: Radar for Success, environmental scanning or analysis is very vital in every organization or perhaps even in social marketing because it allows recognition of possible problems, issues, and external factors such as “social, economic, and technical issues” that may regularly appear on a project.

For an environmental scanning to be accurate, the environment that is important in any social marketing project should have these characteristics:

  • Dynamism- A characteristic of the environment which is rapid and constantly changing. It is flexible in nature, thus it can adapt to any varying conditions of the environment.
  • Complexity –demographic, economic, physical, and political factors contribute in this kind of environment which may arouse complications.
  • Uncertainty- due to environment being dynamic and complex, may cause future to be unpredictable or unclear especially if there’s not much information or explanation is given.
  • Munificence- this is where support and resources is given to an organization due to consistency of goals organization and members of the environment.

Methods of Environmental Scanning:

  • Opinion Leaders Survey – they may affect our views and beliefs because they can deeply influence in our society especially if they know the issues really well.
  • Media Content Analysis – these are particular topics that are gaining popularity in news and in media, thus, also influencing people’s thoughts on these issues.
  • Public Opinion Surveys – polls answered by the public may also play a vital part in our social marketing plan.
  • Analysis of Legislative Trends – from what I have understood, these are polls answered by politicians in their take on social issues.
  • KAP/RRA – the use of quantitative research technique by stakeholders to figure out their knowledge, attitude, and practice on social issues.

Characteristics of Environment

  • Demographic Forces – this is where we focus on the subjects’ age, gender, education,religion, and socio-economic status.

Examples would be birth and death rate, marital status in terms of statistics in marriage, statistics on how many students have enrolled this year. It mainly deals with statistics so that these numbers may be relevant in formulating a social marketing plan.

  • Economic Forces – this particularly studies on how people are willing to spend on a product. Or rather a product related to a social marketing project.

For example, the use of contraceptives for women and condoms for men, how much are they willing to spend on these products?

  • Physical Forces – are anything to do with nature such as climatic conditions, daily temperature, stress-level, availability of local resources.

From what I have understood, it would be well, a run for a cause, it should be strategically set up in a place wherein all advocates of that cause may have the chance to participate.

  • Political Factors – government policies from different governing departments, laws that need to be considered in any campaign that will be formulated.

For the campaign in the 90’s, Yosi Kadiri, and Mamamayan Ayaw sa Drogam thorough research was done before a national campaign was to be implemented which have been successful during that time.

  • Technological Forces – these are innovations in technology that will greatly affect how information about your campaign will be reached, read, and followed by readers and audience.

Now, with the advent of internet as a medium for communication, this can be a tool in informing users about a social marketing project. Issues related to the social marketing project can be known in just one click of a finger through numerous social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.

Mapping the Internal and External Environments:

Step 1

  • For any social marketing plan or any project, we begin by telling or informing the audience the details of the plan. This may contain the introduction about the problem and would include statistics, scientific research data, causes and effect of the problem or issue that we would like to tackle on. This will serve as a means for your readers or audience to understand why we are doing this social marketing plan or project.
  • State the purpose of your social marketing plan. If it is to raise awareness and change the behavior of the readers, audience, then we can write that in our purpose.
  • From the numerous purposes that have been formulated, check which one will suit best serve for your purpose. From Analyzing the Social Marketing Environment, it listed the focus we can choose from to help decide on the final purpose:
  1. Behavior Change Potential
  2. Market supply
  3. Organizational Match
  4. Funding Sources and Appeal
  5. Impact

Base from what I understood, this will be my example for Identifying Potential Focus for Campaign

Social Issue Campaign Purpose Options for Campaign Purpose
Breastfeeding (Non-Profit Organization) To increase awareness among pregnant women about the perks of breastfeeding and its benefits to the babies. Breastfeeding classes, seminars.
Glam photo shoot/ pictorial for breastfeeding women to boost self esteem
Breast pumping seminars for breastmilk storage
Oplan Breastfeeding campaign held in MOA

Step 2

  • Make a SWOT analysis – identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your environment and at the same time.
  1. Check on the Strengths of those organizations in your microenvironment such as partners, and your services, that will be delivered or given to your audience.
  2. For the weakness, one must consider the available resources, if this will be enough to cover the whole expenses for the campaign.
  3. Opportunities may cover the macro environment by means of knowing those people or policies that will help your campaign to move forward.
  4. Lastly, threats may be applied to physical forces that may be uncontrollable or unexpected, so we have to be prepared for that as well.


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Module 11 – Development Communication Practice

After reading this module, since I have been working in broadcasting network for the longest time, I believe I will be more efficient in the community broadcasting. I’ve worked before as a producer and I was able to produce episodes that depicted poverty, wellness for mothers, etc. and seeing that some of our kababayan, who does not have that much in life, makes you want to tell their stories so that all of us will see how privilege we are and they need our help. Television and other forms of media like radio and print can be a perfect gateway in informing people about what is really happening to our society.

It was mentioned that development communication can serve as a catalyst for change, and what we can do may help the lives of these people in getting better.

Their lives will be improved and I think that is what we aspire for a better community, place to live in.

Module 10 – Foundations of Development Communication

These are some of the discipline that supports the ascendancy of Development Communication:

  • Economics – it has been proven that in economics, concrete information and effective communication supports the development of economy.
  • Psychology – Transpersonal Psychology which was pointed out by Maslow wherein fulfillment is realized when the needs of other people are much more prioritized than on ours. In development communication, when we serve other people through our passion in making their lives much better through activities, then we are meeting the purpose of development communication and psychology, we influence others through our commitment to provide service.
  • Quantum Physics – it explains that in Science, such as this, and in development communication, its principles are interrelated, one cannot function without the other.
  • Biology – the systematic manner of how the food chain takes place in environment in order for it to survive and function, may also be compared to development communication wherein the factors that will be applied in every campaign or advocacy that we will do will follow the same pattern or system in order for that campaign to be strongly recognized and not die down.
  • Cybernetics – Development communication plays a vital role in societal levels in our community or society as it allows to pave the way of better communication ideas that will exist in our projects, advocacy, social marketing.

Module 9 – Definition of Development Communication

From what I have understood in the whole time that I have been reading about Development Communication is a means of communications which aims to change the way of life, behavior, and practices of people. Development Communication works best when it is planned systematically and thorough research was done. With the use of theories and statistics, interview for data gathering, then, we are able to produce a communication materials that will be effective in promoting change towards our target groups.

The role of development communication is to eradicate poverty thus with development communication, aspiring practitioners like me would be able to know the root cause of what makes them under privilege, and what projects we could propose in alleviating their condition in the society.

Development Communication also makes use of different of different forms or medium of communication in order to serve its purpose to inform people about the negative effects of a certain behavior and what makes it more meaningful is that it allows participation and follow up which enables us to know if there is indeed a change.

Devc 202 Module 7: Barriers to effective communication

Noise can either be a good or bad thing to you especially if you have preferences when you are working or studying, one must know which learning style is suitable for you. In my case when I’m working, i prefer little noise, music from my computer or from a colleague is fine, however loud -mouth or noisy officemates is a no-no as this may cause disturbance on my end especially if I’m trying to concentrate on work. Unfortunate for me, I have many loud-mouth office mates in our department who does not have a single clue that they can be an inconvenience.

Since I have been living in a quite neighborhood, this particular noise can be overwhelming and really irritating, but their just to self-absorbed to notice that.

Although if there’s “noise” or sound that I would like to hear, that would be the laughter of my son. That particualr sound brings joy to my ears and that makes you feel great about yourself and life even if there are many challenges especially in the office.

So far the noise that I have to deal with at home or work would be:

  • noise from our construction worker who is building our house
  • my loud-mouth officemate
  • officemates’ youtube videos that everyone can hear
  • officemates drumming sounds
  • my son’s shouting voice when he wants milk, dede,
  • Yup, I guess it’s a breath of fresh air when I’m home no matter how challenging my life as a mom. It’s just quiet here

Devc 202: Module 6 Communication Media

Activity 6

Senses stimulated at a time 3 or more times at a time One or two at a time
Opportunity for feedback Immediate feedback Sometimes delayed feedback
Message codes used Verbal and non-verbal Highly verbal
Multiplicative power Slow fast
Direction of message flow Two-way One-way
Power to preserve a message Low High
Ability to select receiver High Low
Ability overcome selectivity and noise High Low
Ability to meet specialized needs Serves specialized needs Serves common needs
Speed to large audience Low High

Activity 6.2. Based on your experience and knowledge, answer the following questions:

1. Which medium do households all over the Philippines most commonly own? Television, Radio, Newspapers and Computer for internet

2. Which medium do households least commonly own over the Philippines? probably high-tech gadgets or smart phones.

3. Which medium are most Filipinos exposed to? Which medium are they least exposed to? With the advent of social media and networking sites, I believe that more and more people find internet the most accessible. Television also is one medium that Filipinos are most exposed to. I believe radio is not that usual medium being used because we are now busy with work so we only get to listen to radio when we are commuting to work. Newspaper may not be read most of the times since young generations now rely on internet for news.

4. Which medium do they depend on most for information on current events/issues? Now, I believe it would be internet and television because for one,with our smart phones and free wifi, we can now surf and know what is going to our surroundings.

Activity 6.3. Place a check on the boxes of the statement that explain some of the impact of new communication technology on development ☐Job displacements ☐More, generally better jobs generatedGlobalization ☐Streamlining of business opportunities ☐Reducing importance of middle management ☐Change definitions of community ☐Focus on credibility of sources ☐Offer new ways of learning

Devc 202 Module 5: Communication and how it is transmitted.

Communication according to Introduction to Development Communication is the process of sending an idea to a person or group of persons. It is a way of transmitting one’s idea to another thus forming conversation or interaction. In such a way, communication is not only about talking but in a way presenting ideas through books, pictures. Communication tends to be on-going, and it will all depend on how we are going to interpret the message or idea.

Berlo’s model is the commonly used model for communication. Since it’s unilinear, we expect that this model would have a starting point. In communication, the source or sender is the first step towards first sharing of information. then there is the receiver, the one who will absob the idea or message presented to it. Message is the topic or idea. Channel would be the mode of transfer of the message. Effect would be our reaction towards the message or idea that is given to us. and the last is the feedback which is our response to our sender.

Activity Activity 5.1.The following are examples of what most people would call communication. Read them and list the things you think are common to all of them.

• A dog snarls at a cat that gets in its way. Sending Message
• You stay up late to watch the hosts of a talk show interview the Vice President.Receiving Message
• A traffic enforcer blows his whistle to stop traffic so children can cross the pedestrian
lane. Sending Message
• Your officemate walks into your room, points at your desk and asks, “Have you
finished…” and stops when you scowl at him. “Of course not!” you say, “Come back
later.” Feedback
• A child stands in the middle of a crowded department store and cries for its mother. Sending Message
• A teenager pauses in front of a poster that reads, “Don’t drink and drive.” Receiving Message
• It has a picture of two wine glasses crashing into each other and shattering. Message Effect
• A sportscaster tells jokes to the crowd while waiting for the action to begin at a
basketball game. Sending Message
• A woman buys a newspaper, gets on the LRT, sits down and read on the way to work. Receiving Message
• A street preacher shouts to the crowds in a marketplace. Sending Message
• You receive an official letter reminding you to pay the balance on your income tax. Receiving Message
• A tourist stands on a street corner reading a map. (Receiving Message)
• A young mother asks the municipal health worker what she can do to keep her children
healthy. Sending Message
• A traffic light turns from red to green. Source AND Receiving Message

Activity 5. 2. Write your own definition or understanding of communication in a sheet of paper. Now, compare your answer with the definitions of Black and Bryant found in your textbook.

According to Black and Bryant, they defined communication as the transmission of meaning among individuals. It also sends idea which aims to influence the receiver. Kincaid and Schramm on the other hand expounded that its not only human beings who are capable of communication but animals and objects or machines that were design to dictate actions that guides people too. Again, as mentioned earlier, communication is not about having conversation but we also can receive message or understand message just by looking or reading books, posters, and other instructional materials.

My definition of communication is also the same with the authors above of their respective definition of communication, that it is a two-way process wherein their is a sender and a receiver. That a message that we receive will have an effect on us and will influence the way we think about a certain topic. It is a dynamic process that we anything can be shared and there will be an interaction.

Activity 5. 3. Why should we discuss communication as a process? Write your reasons on the same sheet of paper you used in Activity 5.2.

We need to discuss communication as a process because this will serve as a guide on how we are going to conceptualize a plan. We have to know how we are going to get our message across the readers and audience.


Flor, 2003. DEVC202 Module (Introduction to Development Communication)

Devc 202 Module 3: Development

Activity 3


Source: google images

Egg Hatching Process

  1. The eggshell was broken because the chick ithas already completed its biological process and it is time for it to be released from the shell.
  2. The force came from the chick itself while it was developing and also from the mother hen that provides heat to its eggs.
  3. Just like natural birth,it will take time for the baby or chick to fully developed itself, its body organs to fully function well so that it has the necessary parts for it to survive in its environment.
  4. if we hurry the hatching of the egg, there is a possiblity that the development of the chick is not fully developed yet.
  5. In a community, work setting, school or even a household, it will take time for us to be accustomed to a system. We have to gain knowledge, skills, and develop abilities so that we can apply it in our community, in our jobs. Once we have gained these, we are able to fully maximize our talents and contribute ot the betterment of society.
  6. Science can aid in the egg-hatching process through the use of incubator wherein it will release heat that will enable to fully hatch the egg.

Moth and Development

download (1)

1.Pepito’s action even if he was curious should not have opened the pupa with a pair of scissors. In any circumstance that development or process is strictly monitored, one must be patient enough to let it grow and just let nature takes its course.

2. If there’s any permanent in this wrodl, that is change, however, one must not hasten the process because the chances of development of anything that we have worked hard for may not be the one that we are expecting.

3.It is good that a development worker would be helping a community or any individual especially if it aims to better the lives of our unfortunate fellowmen, but as it is, it will still be advisable that the development worker helps also the farmers discover the techniques and apply what it has learned so that it can exercise independence.

4. The insect which was struggling could have meant that it was ready for challenges and it has the strength to spread its wings and explore his environment. The importance of struggle in the development is that there will be lessons learned, new techniques developed in order to make the community a better place to live in.

5.The struggles that we face/encounter in our lives enables us to be more mature and head strong. Likewise in a community, we have experience probably some setbacks and hassles in order to know what will work for us. We will know what changes we can changes we need to make to improves our lives and the community.

6.Mang Pedro could be partly responsible for the moth tragedy. He did not consider that Pepito was young enough to understand the concept of development , life. For Pepito, he was curious and that’s it. It would have been much better, if he was able to explain to Pepito about the effects of hastening the development process of the moth.

7.Development worker as an educator will act as the one who will inform about community projects that will promote change and wellness to further improve the lives in a community.